Toogdag 2009: Session 2

Session 2 starts at 11:50 AM and ends 12:35 PM and consists of five parallel presentations.

  1. Zaal Rood
    Marieke Pillen (Eindhoven University of Technology): Beginning teachers'identity: Dilemmas and their strategies to overcome these dilemmas. Discussant: Dr. Wilfried Admiraal (University of Amsterdam);
  2. Zaal Ruppert 121
    Anneke Timermans (University of Groningen): A conceptual and empirical approach to types of school effects. Discussant: Dr. Paulien Meijer (Utrecht University);
  3. Zaal Ruppert 125
    Ludo van Meeuwen (Open University of the Netherlands): Self-directed learning in flexible training systems. Dicscussant: Dr. Perry den Brok (Eindhoven University of Technology);
  4. Zaal Ruppert 114
    Nele Coninx (Eindhoven University of Technology): Coaching with WIME (Whisper in my ear) device of student teachers. Dr. Jan van Tartwijk (Leiden University);
  5. Zaal Ruppert 139
    Marjolein van Peltenburg (Utrecht University), ICT-based dynamic assessment to reveal special education students' potential in mathematics. Discussant: Prof. dr. Ton de Jong.