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Courses 2018-2019 

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17-T4Teaching & Teacher Education

Jan van Tartwijk
Jacobiene Meirink
Loes de Jong
Preliminary dates: 
3-5 October, 2018 
11-12 October 
Registration deadline: September 1, 2018

18-T5Domain-specific instruction in schools and professional domains


Arthur Bakker 
Carla van Boxtel 
Rosa Alberto 
Sharisse van Driel


29/30 October, 2018 
26/27 November 2018 
Registration Deadline September 15
19-T6Educational design research 


Susan McKenney 
Saskia Brand-Gruwel
21/22 March 2019
Online meeting: 11 April 
25/26 April


Innovative assessment research and implications for practice

Renske Bouwer, Marije Lesterhuis,


t.b.a. April/May 2019

18-T9Research into Higher Education

Mayke Vereijken

Renske de Kleijn

General and methodological courses


ICO Introductory Course Fall

Liesbeth Kester a.o.

September 27, 2018
November 22-23
FULL, REGISTRATION  has been CLOSED. Send an email to to be placed on the waiting list.


Qualitative Research

Jasperina Brouwer
Anne de la Croix
Thea van Lankveld

Fall/Winter 2018/2019


Multilevel Analysis with SPSS

Huub van den Bergh
Sven De Maeyer

T.b.a. (2019)


Learning and Instruction: Basics and Beyond

Jos Beishuizen
Bjorn de Koning
Tessa Eysink
Eva Janssen

Online course, 
start Spring 2019

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