The ICO office includes the scientific and educational management of ICO. The Scientific Director and Educational Director are primary responsible for the daily management of ICO. They are assisted by the Executive Secretary at ICOs office.

ICO Director:

Prof.dr. D.H.J.M. (Diana) Dolmans (Maastricht University)


Executive Secretary:

Drs. C. (Caroline) Vonk (
Phone: +31 6 28462933


Educational Director:

Prof.dr. L. (Liesbeth) Kester (Utrecht University)

Postal address:

Utrecht University 
T.a.v. Caroline Vonk, ICO
Afdeling Educatie, room E3.02 Martinus J. Langeveldgebouw 
Heidelberglaan 1 


ICO Counsellor: 

Prof. dr. Jules Pieters (Phone:06 5163 9328, email)

 Billing address:                         Universiteit Maastricht|t.a.v. afdeling Crediteuren|Postbus 616 |6200 MD Maastricht | Budgetnummer: 30605079N

Reimbursement of travel expenses (ICO tutors and course coordinators)
: Please use a blue pen to fill in the reimbursement form, and send it to the Executive Secretary, with the original tickets and invoices.

For expenses contact the Executive Secretary at  or    

Social media: B
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